Has anyone had this problem? Prisma pencils


Try freezing your pencils then sharpening


Wow! I never heard of that. It just might work.


Wow! Genius! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know I have bought those sandpaper pads from the art store for my daughter to sharpen her drawing pencils on, maybe you could get those. ■■■■ Blick and many other stores have them. They are like 98 cents. Worth a try.


The new pencils I ordered do the same thing. I am using super glue to get a few more lines out of the tip before it breaks again :roll_eyes: Also i am trying the sandpaper which works well until
It comes time to sharpen and then the tip breaks off. Freezing the pencils was a good idea but doesn’t seem to help as these pencils are obviously shattered on the inside. I think I’m going to make my OWN Prisma pencils! Is that possible? Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Here’s what I’m working on, it’s taking about 10 pencils to get the first layer…


this happened to me the other day with a couple of pencils I purchased recently from the UK…I was so angry! These pencils weren’t cheap.


wow…that is beautiful…but a very expensive paint job!


Lol! Thank you!!


What sharpener do you use???


I use the prismacolor pencil sharpener, and also a little silver one that was recommended from someone who works at hobby lobby.


I’ve ordered from ■■■■ Blick and wasn’t impressed with how they packed my fine tip paint brush. It had bubble wrap on it and the point was ruined. Also, the Gamsol I ordered came in a leaking container. Not sure they pack things all that well.


I was asking because I use the one from my husband’s Prisma pencil set. (little metal sharpener)

His set is over 10 years old and some of the colors are fine.


Right! Leaking gamsol? That’s not good. The shipping from Jerrys art o Rama was much better and actually, to my joy of joys, I found a pencil after a few tries that wasn’t shattered! And I could actually use it. It was great :smile:


Wow! And the sharpener still sharpens ?


Glad you found a good pencil!

I ordered stuff from Jerry’s twice and everything was packed really well.


Just scratch the metal foil off the side and throw it in the microwave for fifteen seconds, or leave it under sunshine or a heatlamp for a long time. Oftentimes the wax is broken on the inside and this is fixed by simply heating it!


This could be genius. :flushed:


I think I might’ve learned that hack here honestly, but we do it at school to and it’s great! Also prismacolor scholar pencils are harder to break but I have no idea how they’ll work on a baby but they work identical in paper to regular ones!


Thanks for the info :blush: