Has anyone had this problem? Prisma pencils


Has anyone sharpened a prisma pencil to a stub and it keeps breaking as your sharpening?? I literally just sharpened two pencils to a stub and didn’t get to use them. They just broke the whole way down. It’s super annoying. And it’s not my sharpener. I can sharpen other pencils and they don’t break. I order from ■■■■ blick and maybe during transit the core just shatters??? Has anyone had good luck ordering from elsewhere? This is not the first time this has happened so I think I need another place to buy prisma pencils from…


I think some have been dropped. It drives me batty.


So I’m not the only one!!!?? Drives me crazy. I was wondering if some fine sandpaper could sharpen these very fragile pencils ? I might get to use them a few times at least!!


You could try it. But I think once sharpened it will break anyway due to the soft core being the issue.


True @jlesser :flushed: Well, I’m off to order more pencils since I don’t have enough to finish these heads…


I’ve ordered from BB, it was shipped all the way to Europe and they were fine. Bad batch maybe?


Wow! That’s a long trip :blush: I’ve had this happen every time I order from blick. Sometimes it’s only one pencil… This time it’s all four of the cool grey I ordered!


Surprisingly i have not had any problems with my prisma pencils. When i sharpen them i get a very sharp point each time and doesnt break


You are lucky sometimes I get so frustrated because the tip is great put it on the head and bam lead falls out, broken.


I’m so jealous! That sounds like a dream! I just placed an order with jerrysartorama. I’ll let you all know how these pencils are. If you need some yourself, they are having a sale! Pencils under $2!


NOOO! It’s torture! :tired_face:


Where do you buy yours from? @melcurll


I bought mine from walmart…i bought the 24 color set cuz i like to color and draw but i use only a couple of the colors when i draw the babies hair


Try using a sharpener for eyeliner pencil. I have these fabric marking pencils I use to stencil my patterns on fabric. They break if I use a pencil sharpener and don’t break with an eyeliner sharpener. They usually come as an eyeliner lid.


Neat idea! Thank you


You might have more luck if you use the Verithin pencils. Prismacolor pencils are very soft and are known for breaking easily but supposedly these prismas have harder leds that can get to a fine point without breaking so easy. I’ve never tried them, though. I also use the faber castell Polychromos (on paper, though, not vinyl) and these ones are much harder and hold their point longer, but you have to press harder or layer more to get the same level of pigmentation as with prismas. The pablo Caran d’ Aches are also really nice. I believe these are also wax based like the prismas (either these or the luminance, not sure right now) so they have similar levels of pigmentation as well as hardness, though they don’t break as often.

Of all the artist quality color pencils I’m pretty sure Prisma has the most color variation and it’s the cheapest option (and assuming you live in the US, it’s also the most accesible).


Thank you for the info!!


Prisma pencils are known for this. They are still my favorites though. Just handle them gently. Don’t push the pencil to the side when sharpening or push in too hard. Be sure not to drop them. They make still break occasionally, but it should be much less often. The pencils you are using may have already been dropped, Unfortunately, you can’t know the history of a pencil.:grimacing:


I order my pencils from dolls by sandie LLC. It’s all in the way that they are packaged. They must have been dropped before or during shipment


Yes. These pencils must have been body slammed :flushed: And thanks for the tips!! :blush: