Has anyone had this happen with mohair?

So I’m currently rooting VERY straight fine adult mohair. I noticed it seemingly got thinner in some areas so I looked inside the head and a lot of strands are now pulled inside of the head. It’s so strange. Now I have VERY short pieces and it’s thinner :sob: I’ve literally sat for hours and mono-rooted this head. First time using this hair. I’m using a heat lamp so I wonder if that is cause or is it the hair!? I was also using some wavy but straight hair on the sides and that seems fine :woman_facepalming:t4: Has anyone experienced this?

As you can see almost the entire length of hair in some areas is pulled through. The areas where less hair is the different hair!

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I have never had it happen unless I was smearing glue arround


I could scream! That’s the only time I experienced that too

I was doing a style where the top was sort fuller than the sides and noticed it looking the same so checked the inside!

I only have a small portion left now I am going to have to go back and root the thinner areas. Some hair actually looks pulled through :woman_facepalming:t4:

I have experienced this with very straight, fine mohair also (same black color you are using, although
I doubt the color has anything to do with it). It was incredibly frustrating, I’m sorry you are dealing with this:( I ended up using a smaller needle and it held the hair much better. I switched from a 42 to a 43. I think it was a combination of the hole being a bit too big and the hair being so straight and thin it just slid right through on certain areas of the head. Oh, I’ve never used a heat lamp so I don’t know if that is a factor either way.

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It’s very frustrating. I am using a 42g needle but regular so it is possibly the needle as well in combo with the hair. I guess it’s probably best not cut the remaining mohair before rooting since this is happening until I am done since I don’t have other styles of needles on hand.


That’s a good idea, with the hair being longer you’ll still have a good amount of hair left outside of the head if it starts to slide through. I wish I had thought of that at the time, rooting with a 43 needle is still a bit harder for me.

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@specialmoments I have had something similar happen to me. Where the vinyl is thicker and I root at an angle the hair does not go all the way through instead it is imbeded within the thick layer of vinyl and no way to glue it because it was rooted at an angle and did not go all the way through, lol! Does that make sense? :crazy_face:


I think she means it is pulling/sliding INSIDE… which baffles me. lol



I’m so confused lol but likely the heat, needles, &!VERY straight hair combo! :woman_facepalming:t4: Wish I realized a lot sooner what was happening. My initial thought was it was breaking not sliding through!

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Yes I have :sob:

I had to reroot because of this. This has happened to me on the last few babies and I am wondering if it is the hair.
Now I can’t find the needles I have and I bought some from bb and they are not working for me :sob: they are to dull. I should have listened to the review. 30 dollars later

Oh no! I’ve never had this happen except with this hair! I’m using BB needles too but always have but maybe this needle doesn’t work well with this hair type! I’m literally almost done :sob: but I have to reroot a lot of top that is where I started. I don’t ever do that or cut the mohair in 2-3 inch sections before rooting UGH. If I ONLY I had started with the sides and back & started with longer mohair!

Do you use a salt/heat lamp?

Yes, I use the heat lamp. I had some needles that were better than the BB but I can’t remember where I found it at!!! I used 42 single and 46single.

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I have had this happen to me. I wondered if I was rooting at too much of angle trying to get the hair to lay extremely flat that the needle was grabbing the already rooted end of another hair from the inside and pulling it farther in. It’s the only explanation I could give myself that made any sense at all. Very discouraging for sure.


I had this happen to me with alpaca fiber. I had to switch down to a 46g crown needle and I also had to start wrapping the head with Saran Wrap over the hair out already rooted


I was wondering that as well or if I could have rooted it a little too close.

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Happened to me too with fine straight mohair. I wondered why some of the hair was getting shorter and sticking out. Pain in the butt. I think I was using a heat lamp too…but I usually do. Weird. Always something with this art! You think you are doing the same thing you always do and it changes.

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Love to know who you are working on too!! I am a big fan of your work.

I have had this happen before especially where hands or fingers rest while rooting… Now I root a small area, wet the hair and put a tiny amount of diluted mod podge inside the head. Then I’ll go to the other side to do another small area while the first dries. As long as its diluted it just seals and doesn’t crack, and the head can still go in the oven if you need. Then I seal again as normal once the head is finished. I’ve had quite long term success with this method and no hair loss in any sold babies