Has anyone gotten any of the Boutique items? They WERE on sale and then BAM they're NOT!

I have a friend who wanted to know if they are well made and look good. She was particularly interested in the Tutus and Pettiskirts. She had several in her cart. While we were looking at them BAM they went off sale!

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HMMMMMMM Well they WERE all on sale for $1.98 each but all of a sudden went back to normal pricing. This is the email BB sent me earlier and they have already took most all of it off sale! That was a very SHORT lived sale!!!

Hi Folks

We currently have dozens and dozens of Boutique items that we have priced at $1.98. These are dresses, tutus, rompers, tops, and more… with values to $24.95-- up to 92% OFF!

But hurry-- we will be ending this very soon!


Thanks so much!

Bountiful Baby

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