Has anyone found an alternative to the odorless thinner?

I love the Genesis better than the LDC air dry but I don’t like using the thinner because it gives me a headache if I use it indoors and the sun is so hot it almost cooks the paint before I am ready if I am outdoors. I don’t like using it indoors because we also have small children around. I don’t want to hurt them with the odor. I also sell my dolls for childrens play things and I don’t want any residue to hurt them either. I would love to find a non toxic version. I checked with Genesis and they recommend Alcohol instead of thinner but it just makes the paint powdery and it almost blows off of the doll. I have the thinning medium but to get the paint to the water color consistancy it is almost impossible if not impossible. I hope someone can help soon. I am at a loss and I have orders to fill. Thanks

Gotta love google! Check this one out! Its called Turpenoid.

Thanks so much for the useful information. I will check both of those out. I tried using the thinning medium from Genesis in a small amount of paint a while back but I just looked at it and thought that it was way to thick and that it wouldn’t work so I didn’t use it. I did however use it last night and it worked rather well. I was surprised. Also I checked out the turpenoid. That stuff looks promising also. Thanks for the great advice.

I tried to buy the zest-it but I couldn’t find a way to order it here in the USA. It sounds promising though. I have checked on the turpenoid but haven’t used it yet. I have however tried the thinning medium and it is different than the odorless mineral spirits but I think I can get used to it. It is more difficult to blend and that sort of thing because it doesn’t dry like the mineral spirits allow the paint to do but I can work with it ok. I plan on trying to use the other items mentioned and see what happens with those. Thanks for all of the great advice. I just know I can’t use the mineral spirits or the paint thinner because I would have to go to bed for 2 days afterwards because of headaches and just feeling terrible and it happened everytime I painted a doll. I thought I was going to have to give up on the whole ordeal. Thanks again

When I placed a dummy order with Jackson they had USA as an option.