Has anyone ever figured out the actual cost per doll in materials only?

I know in Business it is important to be able to have your cost calculated for the product that you sell. In this case, where Reborning is concerned their are so many variables (not including your skills) I would love to know how this cost is arrived at and what the outcome would be?


The price varies depending on where and what kit is purchased. Roughly It cost about $65.00- $125.00 per doll with everything that goes into the one doll and that is if you get the kit from BB only. However if you get the kits at Macphersons it would range $125.00-$250.00 depending on the kit. The $65.00 would be for 1 kit that is on sale for $14.99 plus polyfil, glass beads for weighting, body, neck ring and plugs, and clothing. I tend to multiply total cost by 2 and round up to the nearest dollar and set that as my lowest price that I can sell the doll for.

I make a list and add the cost of the kit, eyes, eyelashes, body, weighting materials, mohair, clothing and accessories. It’s hard to accurately calculate the cost of the paints because several dolls can be made with a single jar. It can be done, but I don’t bother. The general rule of thumb for pricing handmade items is double the cost of supplies and add what you want for your time.


Most of my newborns cost between $250 - $325 depending on kit cost, etc which includes the kit, body, stuffing, beads, mohair, (Eyes if open eyed) diaper, 2 sets of clothes, blanket, pacifier, accessories such as hair bows, etc and about $25 on shipping cost (normally shipping cost me more like $28 - $38 here in Oz but that is roughly my cost.).Most kits run in the $120 - $165 range though as they are a bit more expense here and bodies are about $20 each, etc…I have a different pricing system than what many ladies use…I figure cost and then just add a standard reborning fee to the top instead of having a set price for the dolls or doubling or tripling their cost…It is kinda each to their own on how you price your dolls…I turn in tax figures on my sales so it is just easier for me to document income the way I price mine.


There is a link out there but I can’t find it now. Try typing in ‘looking for cheap reborn dolls?’