Has anyone done Kyra as a boy?

Does anyone have Kyra boy? OR, painted her so she looks like a newborn? She looks like an older baby but still very small?

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I did my Kyra as a drink and wet boy named Quincy and he sold in one day.Quincy 024 compressed


OMGosh, look at those eyes! He is beautiful His lips not being so dark makes him look more babyish too!! Thank you…I’m struggling with mine …may use yours as a guide to tweak a little. :slight_smile:

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Here is one I did.

I did him bald at first. Then later added painted hair. Later I added eyelashes. Not in any of these pictures tho.


Aww…he is precious :blush:

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Thank you


Beautiful little boy :blush:

I so want to paint another Kyra, all of your babies are adorable!

I would consider it a compliment.