Has anyone done kit Patrick Gregory?

Has any done this kit, it is by Samantha Gregory? If you have do you have any pic’s of him?

I think she is adorable Jubilee…You did an amazing job on her lips!

WHATEVER,Julie…She’s beautiful!!! Love the eyebrows!!!
And the lips…perfect.You captured the milk blister spot on.
You have done a WONDERFUL job on her

She is cute as a can be, Thank’s for showing me. I was thinking of getting that kit and now I’m gonna have to

She’s adorable, Julie. I love her hair.

Aww I love your Patrick, Julie! She is darling!!
Here is the one I did…

He is such a cute sculpt, and Samantha is a such a sweet person!

They are just so cute I love that kit as both girl and boy. You two did an excellent job. I keep just looking and looking at them Thank’s so much for showing your pic’s. I really do like this kit, now that I’ve seen what you can do with it. (not that I can but I sure can try )

I just sold mine at the doll show this past Sunday.
He is very tiny. I was a little disappointed when I received the kit and saw how tiny, but he is cute.
This is the one I did. Not a very good picture, sorry.

cute sculpt and all of you did a super job with him/her!

I bought the kit I can not wait to get this cute little guy (or girl)
Geez now I need so many bodies but spent the money on the kit

she is very cute Carmen, good work I just hope I can make mine as cute as everyone else has done