Has anyone done Ella who would like to share pics?

Has anyone tried to open her other eye?
Love to see your pics.
Thanks Debi

Yes I opened her eye. I believe there are a couple of others who did as well. I did have trouble placing the eye and finally use the tacky putty to hold it in place. It has been there for a year with no problem.
Here the pics.

Here’s my Ella, I didn’t open her other eye but still adorable IMO

i like her closed eye, i have a ton of pics of my son when in the nicu w/ only one eye open,lol.

both babies are adorable:))))

Here is my Ella. I love the open eye you did Handy Denise. All of them all pretty.

I didn’t open the other eye but here is my Ella.

They are all adorable. Do you paint the inside of the mouth and tongue a different color? Or is the color the same as the lips? I’ve been wondering this for a while. Thanks.

all your ella’s are so gorgoeus…I just love this little face… I know not everyone does. Thanks for the compliments on Opened eye Ella. I did make one with eye closed first and then got brave and made the open eye one.

as for the color…I did use the same for the tongue as the lips but I added a bit of blue in the center of the tongue and then dabbed a bit of white on it too. I kept the tip like the lips …not sure if you can see it well in the picture or not.
oh…I am so tempted by the sale…

Alot of people paint them a different color but I have a baby pic of me and my tongue is sticking out and it is the same color as my lips…like a light pink for both. Everyone is different though.
All of the Ellas posted are super cute!