Has anyone done benno by linde scherer?

i was just curious. i havent seen the name on a forum and havent seen one reborn. i would love to see pics

I’m working on him right now… not the best pics, but its been very dreary here. The vinyl is really nice to work with and I love the limbs, very chubby and realistic. I just don’t care for the way the eyes are sculpted for some reason…




It looks like the eyes will be difficult to place evenly… I have one, but just in the closet. Yes, he has nice limbs, cute expression… I got him on a VERY good deal, guess I should bring him out and reborn him.

Long ago someone on BB said to place the eyes and take a picture before glueing them in. Enlarge the pic on the computer, and check the little dots of light reflected in the eyes. You can tell in the large image if the eyes are uneven… Wish I knew who it was, coz it was wonderful advice for me!


Oh I LOVE Benno! Here is one I reborn a few years back, before I started using Genesis paints…

Oh wow - makes a wonderful little girl… Great job Diana!

Thank you, Neva. (((Hugs)))

— Begin quote from “DianaMo”

Oh I LOVE Benno! Here is one I reborn a few years back, before I started using Genesis paints…

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She really is amazing!! I would love to see more pics if you have any. I definately think the eyes will be a challenge, but the eyes that are in right now aren’t the correct one, I just threw them in to get some pics of how he was coming along. Do you remember off hand what size eyes you used?

I believe he takes size 20mm eyes.
Here are a few more pictures of the one I did. This one came with the 1/4 limbs.

I’ve also done one with a little bit larger body and he turned out cute. I’ll see if I have any pictures of him saved on my computer…and if I find any I will post them.

I found the pictures of my other Benno that I reborn. I named this one Ben. lol
I got his little bit larger body from someone on eBay and it made him about 22 inches long.

You will love yours when you are done! He has the most amazing smile!

oh I just love Benno
I made this one a couple years back and have had numerous request to make him again…is he still available some where?

wow i was only expecting maybe 2 people to reply who have done benno. i didnt know he was that popular. that cute little smile makes my day

love your baby. what color blue would you say? I have a hard time
with blues that end up looking toooo if you know what I mean.