Has anybody used wish.com for hair?


Please tell me you ordered this one.


I ordered this one and a few of the sheer wraps and headbands and…


OMG!!! That is beautiful!!!


I’m trying to resist ordering more cute outfits.


I was looking last night and OMG!! So much cute stuff!! :grin::smile:


Unfortunately Wish.com products are all from China Based Companies that have sellers here in the usa so beware and alert for counterfeits (NPK DOLLS) and tons of copied product’s from other companies


If you’re looking for cheaper decent quality mohair- I found a seller on eBay named jannjense58. She processes and dyes her own. I was super impressed by the quality for the price- averages about 3-5 dollars a half ounce! I bought a bunch of her alternative colors! :slight_smile:


I don’t know about the mohair (I’ll be looking at it, though) but they have tons of items that you only pay for shipping. Even if you pay for the item and shipping it’s usually cheaper than just shipping here. Many of the things we buy here in the US come from China.