Has anybody used wish.com for hair?


Wish.com has hair pieces and hair extensions that start at $3, and their shipping is extremely cheap. Some of the items have good reviews, and most of the bad ones are that the new hair didn’t match the person’s natural hair. The ones that say the hair is “thin” might actually work for babies…but I have Tibby and Amelia to root, so I was thinking of the longer, curly, thicker hair anyway.

I saw that they have real human hair, but haven’t come across it yet. Everything I have seen so far is fiber. They also have a ton of eyelash options.

Also, anyone know how customs and VAT works coming into the USA?


Might be worth a try! Never bought from wish.com before though. Let us know how it works if you do!


I buy the hair pieces for my art dolls that I do only thing is it takes a while to get to you. but I like the quality of the hair so it’s worth the price and wait.


My husband liked the prices much better than what he saw for the mohair. Lol


I have ordered from them several times. But I’ve never ordered hair. Some things you get quick, anywhere from a week to 2 weeks. Other things take about 30 days or longer. Whatever the shipping is, that’s what you pay. No added charges. I just got a onesie today, I ordered the end of November.


I also buy hair for my art dolls from alliexpress they also take forever to get to you but worth the price and sometimes there is no shipping fee. I’ve ordered hair from them 5 different times the first time I got the wrong color but all my other orders were right and the quality of the hair is good.


This all looks very promising. I have 3 dolls ahead of my toddlers, so I have some time to get something in. I will have to look more seriously tomorrow.


I just stayed ordering things from Wish, it’s pretty cool, I just got some nail art brushes today, I ordered them about 3 weeks ago.


I love wish.com They’ve got great stuff for cheap. The baby shoes run a little large though.


I’ve purchased some brushes as well some were good and some not so good I found the makeup brushes to work way better than the art brushes and you can’t beat the prices.


Umm…nope. But let me know how it works out!!!


My daughter turned me on to wish.com. I don’t know if the hair would be any good, but I have bought lots of gadgets and silly cheap stuff from them. It’s fun and costs next to nothing. You have to wait, but eventually you get little things in the mail that you sort of forgot about. It’s fun!


Lol, waiting so long definitely makes me forget I ordered things. I thought I was the only one.


Well, I have eyes coming from BB in Utah that are taking forever to get here. Can’t be much worse than watching your package get close then go away and do it all over again. (See, I wasn’t exaggerating about the Post Office. LOL)


Do you live in warrendale?


Nope. North central Ohio. Lol


Hello neighbor, I’m in Ohio too.


:wave: Hi Mimi! :slight_smile:


I just ordered a bunch of baby prop outfits. Their so cute and great prices.


I didn’t even think to look for baby clothes out there! Good Lord! I feel as if I am going to overdose on cuteness!!!