Harper kit body


I have a Harper body if anyone is interested. I just don’t need it for anything. :star:️SOLD


How much are you looking for it? :grinning:


The vinyl torso of the Harper kit that Bountiful Baby sells?


Yep the bountiful baby one. was thinking 10 maybe?


I would like him if he’s still available


I think she is selling the full boy torso not the full kit :slight_smile:


Yep. Just the torso. Made the other parts for my mom she doesn’t like hard bodies and idk what to do with this torso


Yup I have a head :laughing:


Nevermind, I don’t think Anna’s head would fit


Have you still got the torso?


Yep send me a pm whoever wants it :slightly_smiling_face:


pm sent


Torso is sold!