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Well I just sold my little Bella Shalom. She’ll be off to Illinois as soon as I can get her ready. Some of them are just a bit harder to let go of… :joy:


Yay Helen!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

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Congratulations, Helen. :trumpet: :violin: :musical_score:

I’ve only got one baby left to sell and of course i still have Nikkita who needs a nice photoshoot. I’ve had lots of interest but the only one interested enough to buy was the overseas buyer I turned down. Still…I was looking back. It’s been a very good year for my little ones. Almost everyone has found a happy home.


Congrats Helen!

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Congratulations, Helen. I knew she wouldn’t be around for long.

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Happy you had a sale sad you will miss her. She will have a forever Mom for Xmas.

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Congratulations on your sales Helen…!!

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Congratulations, Helen!! :sunglasses:

YAY, HELEN!!! :thumbsup:

It’s really a good thing that’s not true for reborns. I made myself box her up so she’ll be going to the P.O. tomorrow. No turning back now…

(Well there’s always the box cutter, HA HA)


Congratulations Helen!! I’m glad your baby found a forever home—specially for Christmas, even though it’s hard to say goodbye to them huh? Look at it this way, someone is going to be very, very happy!!!


Congratulations Helen…I know you will miss that little one but you will have made someone very very happy! :smile:

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A sale is good news, Helen! Congrats! Seems I’m always hearing about babies going off to Illinois, or seeing people on forums from Illinois…but none close enough to me to get together as of yet. :frowning:

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Congratulations, Helen x

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