Happy dance...I got my order in today

Just had to share my excitement. I am always surprised at how fast my BB orders come in (from Utah). Got my first set of green eyes. They are gorgeous. All my babies may have green eyes from now on…ok maybe not. Got my ethnic paints and doe suede in and am getting started on Kyra TODAY. Housework and packing can wait! This will be my first ethnic baby and she is already spoken for. Fingers crossed that I will do a good job.

Oh yea Kudos to Bountiful Baby customer service: when I finally dawned on me that I could call them, it was after phone hours but I left a message. I got an e-mail pretty quickly and in no time, they had handled my problem. Thanks for your excellent customer service, BB. You’re the best!

Happy reborning everybody!

I love getting boxes from BB, even if it is just bodies. Which my “kids” think just sounds wrong! Hope you are enjoying the afterglow of just sitting back with that relaxed, happy smile of victory after your big score! BB has the best prices!!!

I can feel your excitement! I’ll be looking forward to pictures of Kyra when she’s all done!