Hanging out waiting on hair to dry

My house currently smells of barn animal and vinegar, and I’m thanking the Lord that it’s cool enough to have all the windows open! What a funky smell! Anywhoser, that’s what I’m up to for today. Processing mohair and painting nails on babes. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::crazy_face:


What’s everyone else up to today?

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Sounds like a nice busy day. I just washed up Landon Awake, so he’s up next.

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As we speak Ducklin’s head is sealed and cooling after his first bake. I will do two more. Then I can start rooting him while I finish up details on his limbs.

Toddler Emmy’s human hair has finally dried but because her her hair will get a lot of styling, pony tails and such I’m going to add a second coat of glue.

Brooklyn is on deck.


i’m not doing much today lol job searching and sculpting a bit. got 2 little hands done today but i think they’re too big for the little head they go with. I’m just practicing right now til I can get enough clay for his body. only have enough left for a little foot maybe.

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It’s a mohair burrito. It’s raining here, and a little bleh, so I’m testing this out. I rolled the hair up in paper towels, stuck it in the NuWave at 125, and letting it go for 30 min at a time, unrolling, switching direction, re rolling, and starting again. So far it’s working well.

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