Hand knits for trade or sale


I have a number of hand-knit baby dresses, jackets, and other items that I would be willing to trade for mohair or to sell outright. I can also make these items in your choice of color.

Here is a link to my Ravelry project page with a majority of the things that I have finished. The things that I have right now are the grey onesie, the orange dress, the green dress, and the dark blue dress.



PS, I would love a kit match for my daughter in the photos (not Saskia :stuck_out_tongue:)


I only see this on that page


Hrm…I will work on that


Maybe do a srowtste kit match oust so everyone sees it❤️ Your daughter is adorable but I’m horrid at kit matching!


Thanks :blush: She never smiled. Still doesn’t - too busy being the boss :stuck_out_tongue:


Love it!!! How old is she?


She just turned 4.


I don’t see the items. Love that grey onesie, though!


I figured out how to see all the items. You have to sign up for an account and log in. Then you see everything. These outfits are precious! I don’t see any prices though. Can you let us know how much everything is @Peachtree? :heart:


Yes, I see everything now too!


Hi where can we see your prices. I love this one


The onsie is $60. It is a difficult pattern and requires crochet thread to knit. The dresses start at $40+ depending on material and pattern. The rosebud matinee jacket and bonnet set is cashmere and would be $250. Smaller yarn = more intricate pattern and longer turnaround time. Same for complex patterns or christening gown lengths. Cotton and wool are cheaper than cashmere, alpaca, angora, etc.

I will also trade for high quality mohair :slight_smile: