Halloween Costumes


Is anyone going to dress up your babies for halloween? I hope I will have my Twin A by then and my cousin is hoping to have her Ginger. We are going to dress them up cute. Any ideas?


I’ll probably make a costume for my little 8 inch silicone baby, but my reborns probably won’t get dressed up


I have a Claudia from Interview with a vampire. She has fangs, so she is always dressed up. Lolol


She is so adorable!!! I love her!


Thank you!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: She is made from the ROWAN kit. :heart:


I recently bought a Halloween dress for my Aloenka. They’re a lot cheaper during the summer. :rofl:


:jack_o_lantern:How about joining in on the Challenge! Everyone and any baby is welcome! Check out the rules!!!


We can’t enter unless we’ve never shown off the doll, though, right? Cause all my current reborns have been posted here. :rofl:


Same lol


I will have Halloween babies but I can’t say anything about them because they are for the Halloween Challenge :wink:


I was thinking, “that kit looks familiar” as Im sitting here rooting Rowan LOL. I loved the Anne Rice Vampire books…I loved all her books actually.
I love her hair and her cute little fangs :slight_smile:


Thank you!!! I love Rowan!!! She is so versatile! And I love her size, she can wear really cute clothes😀 Anne Rice rules!


My partner’s dollies are getting dressed up!! Xavier (Sally Brown) has a tiger costume, and we’re on the hunt for a Pooh costume to match for Jaxon (Kai Russell). I was surprised to find a costume small enough to fit Xavier, he’s only about 18 inches!


You can get things custom made in sizes on Etsy :heart: