Hair rooting tutorial

#161 Thank you!


Thank you so much!


Do you still have copies of your rooting tutorial available? If you do, I’d appreciate a copy. I can be reached at



Pia, if you’re still watching this post, I’d love to have a copy of your tutorial. I will be rooting again in a few weeks and would so like to improve for this next baby. My email is


Sent! It isn’t my tutorial though. It was done by Kim KasaKaitas and I offered to share it when it was requested because she isn’t always available. Enjoy!


Please send the tutorial to:
Thanks so much




Sending now.


@pia …not sure how I missed this before, but I too would love a copy. Thanks Pia and @kimomax


Thank you, Pia!! Your rooting is so good I’m sure you could make your own video. I sure appreciate you sending it. :kissing_heart:




I would love the tutorial, please. :slight_smile:


Thank you…I’m not working on any reborns at the moment, but hope to in the future, so this will be for future reference…thanks again


Is the tutorial still available.


I will need your email address.


I just emailed it to you.



Just popping in to say that Pia deserves a trophy or something for all of this. :joy:


Thanks Pia, I got it.


Thanks Pia!