Hair rooting tutorial


How generous! I would love to receive it. My email…

Thank you.



All have been sent to this point!


Thank You, Pia :slight_smile:


I would love to have copy! This is very kind of you!




Me me me…im a newbie, and need all the help i can get.


Many thanks!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


I’d love one too, can’t believe I missed this!


Oh, if someone could send me a copy too I’d be so appreciative!!


I would like a copy too please

My mail is


I would like a copy as well please. Thanks so much Kim and Pia.


All sent to this point 9/11/17 @ 11:27 CST


I remember you sending me a copy a few months back but somehow I’m unable to locate it in my email. May you please resend it? Thanks in advance.


Is the tutorial from this post still available?

Thanks in advance :smiley:


Hi @pia or @kimomax I was wondering if the tutorial from this post still available? I would like a copy please if so


Sent to both of these requests.


Thank u very much @pia i just saw the email


Could I have one as well?




Thank you :slight_smile:


Could you please send it to me too, Pia? You have such beautiful dolls!!!