Hair- need to sell


Need to sell all this hair. I don’t need it and if I don’t sell it it wil go in the trash. It is good quality hair very soft and easy to root with. $30 shipped. Please click on pic to see all of it. Thanks. Julie


I wish I’d seen this! When you put the picture on my post I only saw the top batch. I definitely would have purchased it. Bummer


Its still for sale. The pics didn’t load like I wanted for you. I had hoped you saw them all.


Do you know what brand it is? I’m interested in buying it but I can only root with certain brands :slight_smile:


Angora mohtique and I think little dreams nursery or something like that. All this hair roots very easy.


Why don’t you want to use it?? It looks nice, why would you put it in the trash?? I’m sure you could make a nice baby to go with it.


Can you tell us how many oz they are?


I’m not rooting hair anymore and I’ve tried selling it in the past. It needs to be used on some dolls.


I’m guessing close to an ounce. I’m not positive though.