Hair help?

I want dark hair standing straight up and wild, would I do this like normal and just cut it short to achieve this look? Please help​:confused::confused::confused::confused:


I’d try it on a test part, but I think if you root straight in, not at an angle, it should stand up the way you want.


That"s one of the cutest Heather’s I’ve seen. I love this sculpt.

I’m lovin’ the skin tones on this one! You’ve already been given great ideas on the hair. I would’ve said to root straight in but Kim has a point about being more versatile.

If it’s for a portrait baby, you may want to root straight in. My nephew had hair that stood straight up for 2 years. I didn’t think it would ever lay flat. :slight_smile:

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This sculpt looks so much like an African-Canadian boy I know. His hair is dark and curly, though, not straight up. What sculpt is it?

Sorry I can’t give an opinion on rooting.

Love her hair​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: