Had a blast in Denver!

Hi ladies!! It has been a long time since Ive been to this forum. I keep forgetting there IS one LOL. Just stopped by to say that my daughter and I had a BLAST in Denver at the Rose doll show, and you will be seeing lots of me here. I will try and figure out how the site works again, and try to get up some new pics. Baby Asher will be born later today and I cant wait to share him with you all!!


I am sure it was really neat to see all the different babies and artists. Would love to attend a show. Did you and your daughter get to take a class while you were there? Welcome back to the forum! :slight_smile:

Hi Tina! Didn’t know you were on BB too. Love seeing you on REAL so hopefully you’ll post more here too.

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Welcome Tina. This forum is way user friendly than the others. We’ll be glad to see you here more. I think I’m new since you were here, but I’m not new. I’m a regular on here and hope you will be too. The forum has really changed from what it was a few years ago. I think you’ll really like it now. A lot of us are going to ROSE next year and plan to meet up there. Are you going again?

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Welcome back Tina.

Hey, Tina!!! So glad to see you here. :smile:

Hi Tina! Nice to meet you!

Hi, Tina. I met you at the show. I was with Jenny from New Hampshire. I hope we see you again next year.

Susan Sherrell

I get jealous everytime someone says “I met you at the show”. I can not WAIT until next year!


JENNY!!! You and I sat at the same table during the baby shower! Glad you made it home safely. It was nice meeting you.


P.S. Hi Tina…I remember seeing you at the show…sorry Helen.

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OMG. I meant Susan not Jenny but I did meet you both at the baby shower!!!

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Tina, @Willowsweeones on here adopted your Elias Kewy. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled you’re back on the forum. :slight_smile: