~Guess who's here!~

Hmm I wonder who is in here?

ohh look at the goodies!!

Aww how cute!!

How Cute is this!! I wonder who’s in here!!

A sweet baby girl!!!

Isn’t she cute!

And look at her adorable little outfit!!

Thank You Missy!!! (youngluv4ever) She is adorable!!! I just LOVE her!! I think I’m going to name her Sam, I saw her cute little face and the name just popped into my head Thank You again Missy!!!

What an awesome and creative way of presenting her!!! You are a lucky mama!

How adorable! And how cute is that to put her in a cornucopia for Thanksgiving? You must be thrilled! Congratulations!

I know, I thought that was so cute!!! And so creative! She is just adorable and I couldn’t be happier!!!

She’s adorable! Congratulations.

Yeah!! I"m so glad you got her today! Sam is a great name for her I’m glad you love her. She can also sit in the opening of the cornicopia, here is a pic I took.

aww that’s a cute pic!! Maybe I can make her my centerpiece for thanksgiving

How pretty!

Oh, she’s so precious…lucky you!

Congratulations, she’s soooo adorable!! What a gorgeous presentation!

How cute is she!!!