Guess who just arrived....many pix

They are just adorable together, love them!!

They are so cute! I got the Bindi for my sister and I will be giving it to her soon for her birthday. Now my dad said we should have gotten Binki when he was on sale and that he wants one! LoL

I also had a little neighbor boy want one of my reborn babies. lol
I’m not surprised at how many boys want a reborn doll or monkey because of how life-like they are these days.

maybe if we are good and behave ourselves . they might put them back on again. maybe christmas bonus. lol hey i can dream cant i. i wish i had the chance again.


Wow, they are precious!! Now I wish I would have gotten them! Thank you for sharing those adorable pics with us!!

Thanks ladies These two are just so adorable, I’m very happy with the quality of work, I could have never painted them as good as they are painted. I’m a very satisfied customer!!

They are super cute…

I think you just need to send one to me!

They are so cute. I love how you posed them. She looks like she wants to take his binkie or his finger out of his mouth.

      Hugs Tina

I agree they are very cute together. I love my set too. They make me smile when I look over and see them. I think they have little personalities, the smug look she has.