Guess what?!


Congratulations! Wishing your family all the happiness in the world!!


Thank you everyone! It’s been a long time coming! :-):blush:


That’s wonderful! Congratulations!


Congrats! He is adorable. How lucky for the both of you!!!


Congratulations I’m so happy for you and especially happy for him that he has found his forever home. Thanks for sharing he is precious.


I Love it when the Son shines!! ;). Congratulations and God Bless!! He is just adorable!! :two_hearts:


Congratulations !


Congratulations !!


Aww congrats.


Congrats! My Sisters oldest son is adopted also, They tried to have their own for 8 years with no luck then Preston kinda just showed up in their life (Long Story) they fostered him for a few months before the adoption was final and two days after it was legal, they found out they were pregnant lol. They now have 3 total.

Adopting is so rewarding! I’m happy for you and hope everything keeps going smooth :slight_smile:


I have heard of that happening Allot!! It’s when you stop “trying”. Surprise LOL


How Wonderful, Congratulations!!!


Thank you everyone! This whole experience has been very enriching ! :heart: