Gudrun Legler's Newest

I love all the different versions on this one. Preorders will last 3 days…July 20-22


Oh my!!! such a temptation!!

I can’t look because then I’ll want. :confused:


Well, thanks so much for making me look at that one!! :anguished: I have absolutely no self control. MUST HAVE!!!
Oh no no, Amy, not a chance. You don’t get off that easily…you gotta look too…hehehe! :laughing:


My mom said I can preorder him…If I give up Clyde. :scream: I have a big decision to make lol. :weary: :moneybag:

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I just love Gudrun Legler dolls <3 I just finished Mathis and I love everything about him. I saw Maike the other day, but I have too many kits and so far I managed not too go looking at her. So thanks for reminding me LOL I will probably resist, and then few months later pay $400+ for the kit, as I did with Livia :frowning:

Is Clyde open edition? Cause then you can get him some time down the road. I’d snatch up Maike while you can.

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Yeah,He is. And he’ll be a keeper too. So it really isn’t hard decision but I want both lol
I am going to get Maike. He’s SO cute!

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I don’t know why, but I always fall in love with sculpts a couple months after they’ve sold out and are impossible to find for a decent price. When they first come out, I don’t like them at all. And then out of the blue, I just have to have it lol. So while I’m not too crazy about Maike right now but I have a feeling sometime soon I’ll be raving about how I missed out. :sweat_smile:


Oh my goodness!!! I want!!


You’re so cruel, Bette! :stuck_out_tongue: That is an adorable sculpt!!! :heart_eyes: I enjoyed seeing all the different versions. Also, I noticed the eyebrows…they were all done differently. I loved the pic with the button on the nose and the eyes are crossed looking at it.


Yeah, I know. I couldn’t help myself. :smiling_imp: That sculpt is SO adorable. I’m trying to remind myself of the difference between NEED and WANT. So far WANT is winning. :laughing:


Dolls by sandi will have her for I think $109

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I know! The “want” can start screaming, too!

Does anyone know how much this kit will be?


Good to know!

[quote=“maitreasuredbabies, post:15, topic:26709, full:true”]

But I’ve not been happy with Leglers vinyl at ALL… Lilians vinyl has been a mess, Neles is a mess… I just don’t know…

What sort of mess? I did Lilian 3x and Livia 2x and loved working on them. I also got 3 Mathis even that I was not really too keen on him at first, just as I was not all that keen on Lilian and Livia when they first came out, and then I paid far too much for them when they sold out. I am so glad got Mathis, I am definitely keeping one of them.

I’ve done several Legler babies(Max, Livia, Mathis, Tanya) and can’t recall issues with any of them. :confused:

I just took out my Lilian kit to inspect. Thankfully, I don’t have any of the issues that you had.

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Oh boy, looks like another baby Ill have to have…adorable!!! Love her sculpts!!!

I love her babies. I will also pre-order this one to go with her other 4 kits I haven’t started yet. But she one of my favorite artists of all time.