GREATLY Expanded CASH FLOW Sale at BB!


I have GREATLY expanded our CASH FLOW sale. I have put 12 different kits at 65% off, 50 different kits at 50% off, and ALL OTHER kits at 40% off!

Plus, there’s a BUNCH of other stuff at 40% off!

Come check it out while it is still available!


Nevin Pratt, CEO


Are you going out of business?

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Im wondering the same. I really hope not.

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Highly doubt it. Business owners who have to buy in really large quantities do this from time to time in order to free up capital. I do it myself on a regular basis.


I sure hope you all are doing ok and will survive this slump happening over the past 2 years.

Grabbed Mason and a body for my young son who wants to paint a baby with me. :heart:

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Yes, but banks don’t usually cut off your credit line if everything’s A-ok.


I think Nevin said previously this was an error. A simple misunderstanding that will be corrected.

All I’m saying is that when cash is low and you have six figures of inventory sitting on your floor, you have two choices. Uncomfortably ride it out or have a sale and quickly get money off the floor into your pocket. If having big sales automatically mean that a store is going out of business, we would all be shuttered, myself included. I’ve owned a brick and mortar store for 17 years now.

I’m not trying to speak on behalf of BB. Just saying that big sales probably mean they are freeing up capital, not going out of business.


I got 4 bodies in my cart so I remember what I need to get when have enough $ to get them or hope they go on sale.

I think the confusion is maybe coming from the terminology used…most people have an “inventory reduction” sale…not a “cash flow problem” sale :wink:


I agree. The wording is what sounds concerning.