Great Service

I ordered some joints and prisma pencils on Friday, on the same day i ordered some air dry paints somewhere else, well i recieved my order from Bountiful baby on monday. Thank You bountiful baby for your fantastic fast service. I wish they had all the supplies you could need or want because i would never buy from anyone else.I ordered the paints about 1/2 an hour before the joints and pencils.Every time i have ordered from bountiful Baby it is always very fast service.


Bountiful Baby do ship so fast I am in Australia and I get my order within a week, quicker than a lot of local suppliers

I just ordered less than an hour ago and already got my shipping confirmation, I love BB customer service.

Same here. Odered and 45 minutes later had my shipping info. That’s pretty fast even in the midst of a sale this big!

Absolutely the best!!!

I 3rd the notion!!! Robin and I ordered over $200 worth of supplies at 11:30 PM on Friday night and the package arrived Monday morning!!! If BB has the items Robin and I want, we ONLY buy form BB. If BB doesn’t have what we want then we gt it somewhere else but then we are dissapointed because we aren’t spoiled by that company. GREAT JOB BB!!! You have very faithful customers in Robin and I.

You are so right! They are wonderful…

I have to agree. About 4 days ago I placed orders with both Irresistibles and Doll Dreams…Last night I placed an order with BB…
As of this morning I have shipping confirmation for my BB order…and still no confirmation for the other orders…
I love BB!!