Grammy's Closet has to DOWNSIZE sale CLOSED THANK YOU LADIES



I just sent your invoice.
Thank you, I will mail today, once payment is received.


I have just updated the kit list as to what is left for sale.
Thank you ladies.


Invoice paid.


Thank you, I will print the label now.


How big is fern, are her eyes open and does she come with a belly plate. Oh, and how much is she?


She is 16" and has 3/4 arms and legs eyes open this is limited edition baby with a cert. but no belly plate and is 60.00


Thank you I received my package today, at the end of the next week I am writing for the other two if they are still available :slight_smile:


Thank you for letting me know.


Mine came today too … Thank you.


Yeah! Thank you


Thank you, but i think that I’ll pass. A little too small.


Thank you for letting me know.


I receive my package today. Thank you so much.


Yeah, so glad to hear of all the arrivals!


Got my kits! Thank you! :two_hearts:


Awesome, Thank you


Received my Anna head today, thanks so much


Thank you for letting me know.


@GrammysReborns you are making so many people happy. I just had to say that.