Grammy's Closet has to DOWNSIZE sale CLOSED THANK YOU LADIES


I have updated the list and removed the sold items to make the list easier to view. This list is correct.


I paid 30.00 how about 25.00


I can wait for my pebbles to get here. I need to make sone money because i want MAIK NATALI BLICK too :grin:

@GrammysReborns I notice that you have been taking the kits that you sold out of the list, but Tori is still there. It says sold next to it, but is still there. Did you forgot to take her out or is she still available?


She is still pending for payment.


Okay for Naomi 40.00
Bailey 60.00
Finn 50.00


pm you


Has Frida sold?


Yes I am so sorry.


I received my Maggie today. Thank you so much!! :blush:


so glad, Thank you


Dang GRAMMY!! You go!!! :heart:️:kiss::grinning::heart:️:kiss::grinning:


Did you your pic on the keeppers?


Do I have any on your wishlist?


I tried not to look!!! Lol but I will now! Haha




Do you still have Lucy Lainey Corbin Jacelyn and Frankie?


Yes I do have them. Except Corbin, 15.00 each plus shipping


Ok then I’ll take the four I said. Just send me an invoice


Will do, just give me a minute.


Please send me your paypal
Thank you