Grammy's Closet has to DOWNSIZE sale CLOSED THANK YOU LADIES


Vince is a bit too much for me, sorry.


Ok I’ll take them. Will you send certificate later?. My email is for PayPal.


Will do, But I have sent out your order, so will have to send separately.


okay, thank you for looking


okay, I will get them together


okay, I will send an invoice.


Ok, that’s fine. Send me an invoice and I will pay. You can still send the cheapest route. I’m ok with envelope.




Sent PM :slight_smile:


Sent you a pm :grinning:



Sent message…not sure if my first one went through. Thanks


Thank you, I will but give me a few minutes.


Ok, no rush, thanks


esta actualizada la lista? haces envios internaconales? gracias


Pm sent, can PayPal as soon as I have your info.


Hate to bother, but can I change Miranda Awake for Logan awake"


would you like me to send an invoice?


That is fine I can make the change, I have sent your invoice do you need me to change is the cost is the same?


Just paid, Thank you


Thank you