Grammy's Closet has to DOWNSIZE sale CLOSED THANK YOU LADIES


I’m new to this, how much for Kimberly asleep? And shipping also?


she is asking 90 for tori and i think 80 for nala .


price for kylie and peebles and nod thanks.


What would shipping be to 54125?


Paid for Anna head


@GrammysReborns Send me an invoice when you get a chance. I put my PP email in the message.


Keiko has sold sorry

Tori is 90.00 an is available


Should be about 12.90


I can do 30.00 and they are still available.

Thank you


Pebbles is no longer available

Nod 25.00
Kylie 30.00


Yay! Jaden too, please.


Tori is 90.00
Nala is 80.00


I’ll take them if they come with coa’s. Do you have any bodies that go with them?


Do you have any toddlers? And also how much is Freida and how much for a fulll silicone kit?


Romee Faber kit…could you tell me the asking price please?


How much for Ashley asleep?


How much for Aubrey, Corbin, cutie, ginger, hailey,heather?


They do have certs, but my office is a mess and I will have to locate them.
I do have many bodies, but I will list them later.
Thank you


I have a few toddlers, Juan, Tibby standing and a few others.
Freida is 80.00
Rio silicone arms legs and head not a full body, 80.00


Romee is 90.00