Grammy's Closet has to DOWNSIZE sale CLOSED THANK YOU LADIES


you are welcome I will send it out tomorrow, sending your invoice now




Thank you so very much!


Darn! Thank you. Kudos for keeping track
Of all this. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Super woman!


Sometimes it is a bit crazy but it is getting better, I am actually being able to get down to giving thing away. My office/craft room is going to be so organized once I am all finished. Yeah for me!


How much is shipping for the tail body and arms? 44057. I bought 2 heads off of you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If you still have a tail body and arms I’ll take them. Just shoot me an invoice.


I do and will send it to you now.
Thank you


You rock! Thanks!


Paid :heart:


Awesome, Thank you


I got my Max head today, thank you very much!


Great, Thank you


Received the 2 doll heads today, thanks so much


Thank you for letting me know.


I got my sweet Nikolas today! Now he won’t have to be made into a Frankenstein. :slight_smile: Little joke there from something I read. Anyway we think he is adorable and will be so sweet when he is done. Thank you so much, GrammyReborns for sharing so many kits and such with us!


You are very welcome, I am glad you like him, I would love to see you post him when completed.
Thank you for your support.


I received my mermaid tail and body today. Thanks so much!!


Great, glad it arrived safely.