Grammy's Closet has to DOWNSIZE sale CLOSED THANK YOU LADIES


Yes I do, Rina is 15.00 Byron and Clair are 8.00 each


Ok I’ll take them and by chance do you have an extra head


Do you still have my email


I only have 2 little Emma heads these are 10"
and I can get you email off my paypal


Ok I pm you my email and I’ll take the 3 and the 2 heads. I have extra body parts to put with the heads


Great, the heads are 3.00 each and I will send an invoice shortly.
Thank you so much.


1 Clair or 2?


Received my babies today,and thank you for the babies and for the box! First one I ever received. Do you happen to have Logan sleeping certificate? I only received 3.


Yes I do so sorry I will send it to you.


Thanks, I’ll pass.


Just wanted to be sure, your invoice is on its way.
Thank you


Can you send me your address again.
Thanks, I will mail it tomorrow.


No problem. And again, thank you.


I didn’t know they made GHSP with a shimmer. Thanks for the tip. :blush:


Interested in the mermaid tail!!! How much???


Ok actuallly I’d need the tail, body arms and head. Idk if you have that or not :joy: if not I’ll just purchase the kit itself online.


I have the tail body and some arms for 36.00 plus shipping, but my heads are all gone


can I purchase one.of the tail body arm deals.for.36. do you have another body available or just with the tail. already have a tail. no body.


I only have enough bodies for the tails I have. sorry.
send me your paypal and I will send an invoice


paypal is thanks anyways.