Grammy's Closet has to DOWNSIZE sale CLOSED THANK YOU LADIES


Interested in Nikolas Please let me know what you are asking. Thanks!


You know you are right, it is Pearl’s tails from Shawna Clymer


Were the kits you wanted the Clyde asleep 30
Thomas awake 30
and Naomi 25.00
if they are, I do still have them.
put aside for you.


Could you do $30? for the tail and body because I’m still going to have to get a head and arms for it.


I also have arms of Sweetie 4.00, if you are interested then it is just a head. I will do 35.00 plus shipping, if you want the arms if that works for you.


I think I have a Sweetie here I may be able to use. My PayPal is Send in an envelope if you can. Thank you. :blush:


okay so just the tail and body for 30.00 plus shipping, envelope is 6.80 is this okay?


Thats fine. Thank you. I’m going to try to make it for my grand daughters birthday in May.


They are quite fun my granddaughter and I made one together.
sending your invoice.
Thank you


Do you have a pic of yours?? I’d love to see it. Invoice is paid.


By chance do you still have Byron Rina Clair available and also do you have any extra heads availe



Kase awake head…how much would he be shipped?


Oh she’s beautiful!! What did you use to get the shimmer on her tail?


I added the finest glitter to the matte mixed it well with a litter thinner and brushed it on, it doesn’t seem to come off. It worked well


Kase head is 5.0 shipping an envelope is 6.80


I will take it. I will PM you my PP addy.


Fun fact :wink:

Macphersons sells shimmer GHSP and air dry (reborn FX)


Awesome, wish I knew.


Hi there do you still have rina Byron and Clair available