Grammy's Closet has to DOWNSIZE sale CLOSED THANK YOU LADIES


I’ll take Max’s Head, in an envelope. That sounds so bad, lol! Sending PM


You got him


How much for Asa, if she is available?


She is and she is 50.00


Oh, my dear- I’m totally confused as to what is still available and it appears that both of the heads that were to come to me are gone. I think I’ll pass on it all. Not a problem. Life is busy! I don’t “need” more kits- just “wanted.” :wink:


So sorry


I know you’re swamped, but I have been waiting for the invoice for the Aisha and Amber heads.


You are reading my mind, I will send it in just a few minutes.
Thank you for your patients


Please don’t be - it’s fine- really! If you redo the list this evening, Could you send it to me? We could start fresh.


Sure, I will update it after the last few customers, give an answer.


Paid, thanks Teresa


Thank you very much.




Thank you


Anything left? :slight_smile:


i updated the list last night so it is current, i will be adding a couple realborns back to the list that the sale fell through. they are Clyde awake and asleep, Thomas awake and asleep and a Logan.


The list of items that are still available has been updated once again.

Thank you to all of you wonderful Ladies that have helped me get my inventory reduced!

I may have more items, such as bodies and other items as I continue, my inventory.




What is the size and price on the mermaid tails? Are they for Mishell or the tiny Nerissa?


They are the Mishell they are 12 inches long and are Clymer’s tails. I am asking 25.00, I had some bodies made for them for full arms also 10.00.


Could it be from Pearl? She was 21 inches. Mishell was only 15 inches head to tail. I have just discovered that my grand daughter is into mermaids now. Lol