Grammy's Closet has to DOWNSIZE sale CLOSED THANK YOU LADIES


What do they look like. Or what company so i van look at them


What is still available


@GrammysReborns, I sent you a pm about one of the kits I bought.


Hoping to hear back from you on the price for Finn. Then I’ll know what to order.


Sorry for The delay I have been busy all day.
Finn is 60.00


Emma is the 10in head.

This is Asa
This is Ava
Again so sorry for the delay.


They are from Macphersons


I will update the list in a few minutes.
Thank you


@GrammysReborns this one is a Cheryl Webber baby I wanna say Chase


Your right too many kits an pic sent thank you!,


Yes you got swamped with inquiries, I would have been very confused for a bit if I was you. lol

Hope it is settling down a little


It is, but I was busy trying to get organized again cleaning and inventory ad day.




I just updated the list.


Oh do you have Alba Asleep? I want her if you do and if she isn’t spoken for @Grammyseborns

Also if you have 1 THOMAS ASLEEP BB REALBORN 17" Closed Realborn and not spoken for I’d like it too please.

Also Naomi if not spoken for


Sent you a message about kits, interested in quite a few!


I do have ALBA asleep would like 50.00 f0r her, Thomas asleep is 30.00 and Naomi is already gone.


I’ll take both of them.
I’ll message you.


Do you have Alba Awake?


Okay, I will put them aside for you and ship tomorrow.