Grammy's Closet has to DOWNSIZE sale CLOSED THANK YOU LADIES


Thank you so much.


Any heads available


I have a Max
Emma 10in
Amber has a bit of paint on lips can be stripped
Ashia bireacial


Hello- I’d be interested in prices for Daisy, Clyde asleep, Thomas awake and asleep, Namoi. Aisha biracial head and Amber head. These would be coming to Canada- C0B 1M0.

I would aslo be interested in your biracial Shyann if she doesn’t go to the pending buyer


I would aslo be interested in your biracial Shyann if she doesn’t go to the pending buyer.


Daisy from BB is gone, I still have Daisy Adrie Atoete 60.00
Clyde asleep 30.00
Thomas asleep 30.00
Thomas awake 30.00
Naomi 25.00
Aisha head 5.00
Amber head free with purchase
Plus shipping to Canada cost


Also Shyann is already gone.
Thank you


Received my package yesterday. Everything is great! Thank you.


So wonderful to hear!


I will take the Aisha head and Amber head,


Shipping as low as possible? Envelope okay ?


Yes, thank you


Hello, thanks for your quick response. I will take Clyde asleep, Thomas awake, Naomi, Aisha, and Amber heads please. Shipping too of course! I will PM you my email address for paypal- if tat suits?

Many thanks


My daughter told me that Owen Asleep and Kase asleep arrived at da house :grinning:


Wonderful, thanks


The 2 heads sold just about an hour ago, but I will be happy to send an Emmy and Max at no charge if you wish.
I will be out for a bit and will check back in a while. Thanks


So sorry about the 2 heads, are you still interested in the others?


You are very sweet, Aisha was the one I was really after. Is Emmy the toddler? Perhaps you meant Emma? I’ve been trying to find pictures of Alba/asa/ava but no luck. Would you have a link to somewhere I could easily access pictures of the non- BB kits? I’m not familiar with most of them- but eager to see them.

If Emma- is that the realborn or 10"?

What is the price on Finn by tina KEwy? I was able to search him up- quite sweet!


Asa is this one

Not sure on the others. @GrammysReborns are you sure they are LHOH? I know there is an Alba Sanchis (both awake and asleep) and an Ava Micheals?


That is very kind of you jlesser ! Thanks!