Grab-Bag Baby for sale SOLD

Am offering a new reborn for sale for $125.00 shipped (US). I had reborned many babies for my fall sales last year and didn’t sell any. I would like to recoup some monies for new kits for this year.
This grab-bag baby is a sleeping baby, 5lbs.11oz., approx. 19 " long with slightly bent legs. She is comes dressed, and with blanky, favorite toy and magnetic binky. I reborned her with genisis heat set paints and rooted her. I think she is beautiful.
I will gladly refund your money minus the shipping cost if you do not love her and return her to me.
This is a great buy for those of you who want a reborn baby but do not want to spend alot of money. PM me and I will send you my palpal address. Thanks so much.
(I had great feedback before the forum went down)