Got the sudden urge to do a summer photoshoot with my collection

Got the sudden urge to change my babies into their summer outfits and break out my good camera! Probably should have waited till my silicone gets here but oh well :slightly_smiling_face:

Lacey (Katie Marie) painted by me

Charlotte (Tobiah) painted by me

Hudson (Hudson cuddle baby) painted by me

Kennedy (Lucy) painted by me

Dallas (Tink) painted by @ChunkyMonkeyNursery

Jensen (Mika) painted by @grannyx3

DSC_0053 (3)
DSC_0082 (2)
DSC_0071 (2)
DSC_0060 (2)
DSC_0083 (2)
DSC_0076 (2)
DSC_0072 (2)
DSC_0068 (2)
DSC_0086 (2)
DSC_0064 (2)


Nice collection! I could tell that you have improved a lot since your beginnings, and I really like your Lacey !

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Thanks so much!!

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Such a nice collection

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Thank you :blush:

I love them! Looks like such a happy bunch to be around! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks! I love them! They are the best way to cheer up after a hard day!

Darling babies. I bet they enjoyed getting ready for summer. :wink:

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Such a cute collection!!! Love them a in the spring-y outfits!!

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They are all so sweet ! Looks like they are ready for some summer play time.

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