Got my Russian Mohair

Not real impressed with this second batch. I ordered “brown copper blonde”, but it’s not too brown or copper at all… it’s almost the exact of “sunny beach”. Actually, the caramel is also very similar. So now I have 3 blondes :frowning:

And the cinnamon is almost the same as chocolate. Both are quite auburn


I would contact Olga and send her those pictures.

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Crap, I ordered both cinnamon and chocolate :confused:

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I see the differences. I think they’ll look even more different rooted.

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I would not get upset yet. Cinnamon and chocolate does look different, the first (top) picture shows almost the same colors.

I hope so!

They will look different when you root but I have also gotten colours that seemed to be off or seemed to be the wrong colour. I have two bags of intense brown…one is brown, the other is red. I think the demand for her hair has increased and shes having trouble keeping up…also no batch of dyed hair ever seems to turn out the same for some reason. Still, her hair is well worth it, imo…it certainly doesnt break the bank which is good for me considering the addiction I have LOL :wink:


I agree those three look exactly the same, pretty but they do not look any different in color

Based on your photo I can see a slight difference in the hair colors but I understand your concern. Where did you buy this hair? I want to use mohair on the future.

Oh, definitely worth it! I’m rooting Shaya now…there’s very little wastage! And it’s so soft and easy to root.


On Etsy “HairForDollsRU” It’s from Russia. I get the stuff specifically for reborns

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I sent her a quick message. It’s okay, just my customer wanted more of the colour that was in her listing. I’ll still be able to use this hair on other dolls


Ohhh I love the chocolate color! I am going to need to buy some right away. How long did it end up taking for you to receive it? Thanks so much. I have a project that needs exactly that color.

Thank you. I just saw that same company in another post. I’ll try their hair

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Unfortunately I don’t know how quickly she respond to the messages. The very first time when I sent Olga a message it took a while to get a reply from her. I sent her a message 2 days ago asking her recommendations as I was in search of absolutely white mohair, but I didn’t hear from her. I know she will respond, just telling you that she does not do it immediately.

It took a month to arrive

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Thank you

I have been waiting over a month since it shipped :confused: I am debating buying some more hair to finish Faith, but I hate to but a similar color to what should be arriving (hopefully) soon.

I ordered mohair from Olga on 9/16. I received notification that it shipped today. I heard good things about the mohair.

Just ordered 5 colors of mohair from Olga! I got free shipping and it all only cost 40 dollars! Hoping shipping doesn’t take too too long. Also hoping the hair is as nice as everyone says! :hugs: