Got my Round Robin... from Robin! :D


What a LOVELY surprise I had in the mail today!!! I got my RR gift, and I just LOVE everything! A **gorgeous **outfit for one of my keepers, a Gymboree onesie with a caterpillar that is too cute, some hair accessories, and a lovely pink & white receiving blanket!

Robin, I am so thrilled with these gifts, and I am especially over the moon with that beautiful dress set! It’s PERFECT!! You really made my day!!!
Dolly hugs to you!

PS-- Look at the SHOES!!! that go with the dress & bonnet!!! How cute!!


That dress is just adorable…




I LOVE THE DRESS SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! what a wonderful box of wonderful things!!!


The dress is adorable, that is so kind. Enjoy!




Love the dress and the catepillar! It’s fun to see all the surprizes!


Yippee!!! I am so thrilled you loved your package. I was so nervous that you wouldn’t be happy. This was my first Round Robin so I tried to do it right. LOL

I can’t wait to see that dress set on your pretty baby! Thanks for letting me know you got your surprise.


i love it!


Congratulations those are beatiful


BEAUTIFUL!!! Can’t wait to see the dress on your baby.


LOVE that onesie! It is too cute!!!


You are a Lucky Girl both of the outfits are so cute but that dress Oh My Goodness!! Love it


I love it! Frilly dresses!


to cute!! i love the dress as well!