Got her done except lashes, what else does she need?


aubrey head and brea limbs, I had my brea head setting beside some typed paper, must have got moved over on it, got writing on side of her head,


the brea head wasnt painted yet, I havent tried the eraser, I’ll have to get one, I used nail polish remover, didnt budge it,I guess I can practice on it lol, thanks for the compliments,


She’s a beauty



She’s very pretty. I love her dress too.


Such a cutie… well done.



thanks every one, thanks fox mom for the compliment on the dress, I had the material here for a long time, found the little b o w s at joann fabric for a dollar a bag, and got some spare time and made it…


She’s gorgeous!! Great job!!


I like her complexion and the eyes really set it off.


She is beautiful

Hugs Tina


She is so cute! Good job! Does she have eyelashes? If she does (jmo) I think they should be a little darker because of her dark hair…I think that would be the frosting on the cake!



thank you all so much for them wonderful compliments, I think I’m gonna put lashes on today,