Got EXCITING news today!

I shared this over on DF, but wanted to share it with you all too. I was notified today that the Tiny Sleeper by Dawn Donofrio, I entered in the CA State Fair won 1st Place and **Best of Division **for **Any Other Type of Doll **!!! I’m so excited!!!

Here’s the comment the judge wrote on the copy of the scorecard they sent me:

“Oh MY! This baby is so beautifully painted. She looks REAL! The veins in her hands, perfect nails, the blush of the skin on the hands. Her lips and the “moisture” under her eyes. This newborn is so real looking, I can’t stop looking at her. Her clothes are secondary but nonetheless beautifully knitted. Very even stitches.”

This really made my day. Heck this made my week, month and year too!!!

Here she is - my little WINNER!

congratulations! What a sweetie!

Wow, congratulations Teri!!! That is wonderful, and your baby is gorgeous!!

Congratulations! How exciting for you and for all of us as well. She’s a beauty for sure!!

I would be excited with all those wonderful comment’s from the Judge,
she is beautiful, CONGRATULATIONS