Gorgeous Realborn Elizabeth Awake Prototype on eBay Now!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

This beautiful Realborn® Twin Elizabeth Awake prototype, reborn by Joyce Angel, is on eBay now! Award-winning artist, Joyce Angel, was the Realborn “Best of Show” winner at ROSE International Doll Expo 2015. Her auction is featured on our homepage at bountifulbaby.com

Here is a link to her item on our website, remember to sign up to be notified when she is available! Elizabeth Awake Item Elizabeth also has a gorgeous twin sister, here is her item: Evelyn Awake Item She is one to sign up for as well! The precious real baby Elizabeth was 7 lb 4 oz at birth, while her smaller sister Evelyn was 6 lb 8 oz at birth. This adorable pair of twins were such sweethearts, we really enjoyed working with the real babies! We are really excited to be able to offer their Realborns to you very soon, so watch for their release (likely later this month).

Have a wonderful day!

Bountiful Baby


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