Gorgeous Preemie Realborn® Ashley Awake is Available Now!

Hey Everyone!

Our beloved preemie Ashley has awaken! The beautiful little girl you have all already fallen in love with is now available as an awake baby! Ashley’s asleep version was a surprise release at ROSE 2017 and was a huge hit! The real baby was a gorgeous preemie, weighing only 5 lbs and 13 oz. Her Realborn® has the most detailed limbs and cutest little personality! She is 17 inches of pure sweetness and comes with full vinyl limbs. You can see her details here: http://www.bountifulbaby.com?tiny=256332. Be sure to add her to your cart as well, she is a must have!

Ashley Awake’s release is also featured on our home page: http://www.bountifulbaby.com/.

Thanks so much!

Bountiful Baby


She’s a sweetheart :heart_eyes:

Another beautiful sculpt! She is precious as all of them are and I always want everyone of them.

Ashley is my new favorite. I’ve painted her twice. I know know which one will be my next purchase. She is a beauty.

I think this is such an adorable baby. Actually the first realborn kit I’ve felt was a must have.