Good thoughts and positivity needed


I found out a week ago that I have to move by the beginning of next month so I’ve been packing while looking for another place to live. I thought I was holding together pretty well, but having to pack the one thing that keeps me grounded really stinks.


Ugggh… I can’t imagine having to pack everything up! {hugs}


Just think of how happy you will be in your new space! Who knows? Maybe you will have an awesome painting area… with perfect light! :heart:


I dislike moving – period. For any reason. But, I have never had to move since I started reborning. I am sorry for your plight. Hopefully you will be unpacking very soon and in a great place! Sending thoughts your way.


Can you put a baby in some type of Craft Bag like I did when we moved? I felt so much better with my favorite baby with me. It fit perfect behind the front seat on the floor of the car and I stored a few other things in there too. It has a handle to roll. It would probably be ok on the plane too. But Happy Trails to you!



Great idea!


The light here IS less than perfect. Here’s hoping it’s better soon.


I really like this idea. I might just try to get away with something like that.


I’m wishing you luck with moving- did you find a new place yet?


I found a place I like. I’m waiting to hear back on my application. I don’t have great credit due to medical debt from MRIs, but was told they look at it on a case by case basis. Then my transmission decided to crap out while I was taking my recycling in for redemption today. So glad I had AAA for the towing coverage. Life just has to get easier soon. Sigh


I saw this picture today and it made me smile so sending it your way so you can smile too


Good thoughts your way.


This gave me a chuckle earlier. Hope it does the same for you :slight_smile:


@TrinityCrystal it’s always the worst before it gets better. Just think… you are almost there!!! :kiss:
I move ALOT. I feel your pain. I’m so happy to be staying here another year. I don’t love it here but… I need a break from moving. If I was close to you, I would come help. :heart:


So sorry.

Sending good vibes and hopes the universe just needs you to be someplace that makes more sense for you.

Hope you find the perfect place with the perfect painting corner.


I’m thinking the universe is telling me I need to be elsewhere too.


Hooray! We heard back today that we were approved for the apartment we applied for. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers everyone! Now I just have to figure out where my family will lay their heads from the 2nd to the 12th.


Yay! So happy for you!




Too bad it is still cold out, it could have been fun to camp out or borrow a motorhome.

Still keeping the positive thoughts the right opportunity finds you and congrats on the apartment.