Good or bad


So just wondering what kits are your likes and dislikes ? Mine is Brittany which I have done but seems like her face looks to grown up. Just wondering about your all experiences. And one of my favorite has been Brooklyn so far.


Newborn June, Jade and Marissa are my favorites. I like Brooklyn’s face, but not her clenched fists(both) one is okay. If I buy her kit again, I will replace with a softer looking hands :slight_smile:


I don’t mind her hands so much. My son’s hands were like that a lot for the first month or so after he was born.


I realize I painted Marrisa and I struggled with her, yet all of you made her so adorable. Now that’s back when I was newer to reborning. I am definitely going to buy her again I just love how all of yours turned out!


I also love Quinn


I have overlooked June


I have done three of Jade . She sells really good it seems.


@Lslusher1 Do you sell on Reborns? What is your nursery name?


I haven’t ever sold anywhere but here in my home town. But I’m gonna start. My nursery name is little Blessings by ReRe. I mostly just want it to stay a hobby but it’s a very expensive one at that so I have to sell some to keep having fun lol.


It’s like once I started it’s all I want to do.


These are the Jades I have done. image|375x500


Jade is on my wish list! Beautiful babies!


My easiest babies to paint so far was Quinn, Dominic Asleep, Johanna, Newborn June Asleep


Seem like Logan has been hard for me but I’m about to get to the finish line. He is a gift to my granddaughter. Seems that I have been rooting on his head forever. But I’m using a 46 gauge needle with Slumberland hair so it should be nice when done lol


Thanks she is such a realistic baby


Have you done good on there?


@Lslusher1 Thank you for sharing They are beautiful. I need to consider Jade too. The list is growing :wink:


This is the only Jade I have painted so far. She makes a lovely reborn.


I don’t know what I’ve been doing but I haven’t reborned ANY!!! of the realborns listed on this thread!!!



These comprise my entire wishlist :smiley: I also think I want Darren and Owen.