Good glue for inside head

What are y’all using? I used to use gemtac but the last THREE bottles I bought, the glue was dried up (and liquid in Around the dried glue). I bought one from BB, one from MacP and one from Michaels

I bought some mod podge, but I find that takes longer to dry, and also it you squeeze the head once it’s dry, you can hear crackling.

I use Aleene’s OK To Wash It. It’s white so you can see where you’re putting it. It dries clear, is waterproof and flexible.

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I’ve been using this and I love it!!

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I’ll check it out, thanks

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Can I get this at Micharls?

No problem!!

MacPherson Crafts has a rooting glue and it is fantastic.


I use Liquitex Matte Gel :heart:


I use Liquitex Matte Gel it goes on white, dries clear and doesn’t take as long to dry as most ‘glues’! BTW----I have heard that the hair glue that MacP’s sells appears to be the same thing. Don’t know if that’s true or not, just what I’ve heard.

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I also use Liquitex Matt Gel!

That’s where I get mine.

Same as @vcasborn and @pia

I use waterbase caulk that I buy in tubes from Family Dollar. Dries very secure, brushes wash up easily. I use it to seal my lbs, also.

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Liquitex matte gel

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I use Liquitex matte gel like everyone else but also MacP’s Ultimate Rooting Glue which I wonder if it’s matte gel in their own packaging - it smells the same, looks the same and dries the same :face_with_monocle:


Is the Liquitex matte gel waterproof when it dries?

So I have ultra matte gel, is that the same thing as matte gel? Lol

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Thank you! I will look for 5his here in Canada. Hoping it’s at Michaels

Let me know it you find a good place to get it from. My Michael’s doesn’t carry it.